Principles of Total Quality Management System

This program aims to enhance the concept and applications of Total Quality Management in organizations in accordance with quality systems and good international practices.
The program enhances the basic skills of trainees to implement quality systems, improve productivity, competitiveness, and institutional profitability. The program also enhances the positive spirit and happiness at work and links them to quality values, self-values, and a sense of responsibility and motivation for development and innovation.

Training Objectives:

  1. Enable the learners to know the principles of the Total Quality Management System.
  2. Understand the difference between quality assurance, quality control & quality management.
  3. Practice the quality management system tools & concepts.
  4. Understand the basic requirements of ISO9001.
  5. Understand the basic requirements for QMS certification and the difference between certification and accreditation in a management system.
  6. Practice the positives values and norms to create a quality culture in the organization.