Risk Based Inspections

Inspection is considered as one of the essential factors for various service bodies. The more the inspection is integrated, based on sound scientific foundations, and effectively linked to procedures and processes in the service bodies, the more the findings are reliable in making decisions, including judicial rulings.
However, inspection is a complex skill, and many inspection bodies face various obstacles to achieving this critical goal.
The inspection challenges could include weakness of the inspector’s skills and lack of experience in various primary areas such as understanding the technical regulations, procedures, Health, Safety, and environmental requirements, trade and industry requirements.
The inspector must be able to understand the various potential violations. He must learn several structural, organizational, and legal aspects of the inspection scope, including hazards and risks.
Furthermore, inspectors should be able to write offenses, examining, taking samples, photos, and supporting documents, in a manner that can be reliable while making fundamental decisions such as issuing a violation, suspending work, or filing cases for courts.

Training Objectives:

  1. In this program, the trainee will understand the fundamental differences between Assessment, Inspection, and Audit
  2. The trainee will get acquainted with the basic skills necessary for inspectors to monitor service and understand the violation in essential aspects such as health, safety, and environment
  3. The trainee will monitor and indicate the places in which there are findings or violations
  4. The trainee will be able to acquire the skill of an initial evaluation of any finding.