Leading Change in Dynamic Era

According to the European Organization for Quality, the lack of leadership towards change is the most significant global challenge in transforming organizations from regular performance to exceptional performance (EOQ, 2014),
Organizations are ignoring the fact that continuous improvement requires leadership of Level5 (Jim Collins, Harvard University, 2001).
In this comprehensive training course, trainees will learn about the principles of change in today’s economic era and the correlation between the change variables and the global competitiveness among producers and service providers.
The trainees will also practice specific skills to adopt change and transform innovative strategies from a macro and a micro perspective.
This course is designed to enable the trainees to practice change management tools and deal with difficult behaviour in change management in the context of their organization.

Training Objectives:

  1. To understand the fundamentals of managing change in today’s economic era
  2. To learn the mechanisms of a change in organizations
  3. To Identify the obstacles to change including resistance and adverse reactions to change
  4. To learn how to drive change management by encouraging creativity and commitment to innovation in employees, using effective communication strategies
  5. To understand the emotions, responses, and needs to be experienced during the exploration phase, and the approach to managing the exploration phase
  6. To Deal with difficult behaviors in change management